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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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You are such a wealth of information and I appreciate your willingness to share! My diet has been vegetables, beans and lentils, brown rice, oats, nuts and nut butters and seeds, wild caught Alaskan salmon. I am a very boring eater. I don’t use any oil for cooking and the only oils I eat are in avocado and salmon and the black seed oil I recently started. It hasn’t helped my GD but the stuff has been shown to cure almost everything else. 😂 It’s helped my husband’s asthma and allergies, and I’m not stuffy at night anymore. It has to be diluted, best in 1/2 teaspoon honey. Every morning I make a smoothie with non-fat plain yogurt, frozen berries and pineapple, frozen kale, cilantro, and my supplements: lysine, collagen, wheatgrass, assorted other things like pqq, resveratrol, CoQ10, and now will add histidine. My only cheat is very dark chocolate every night. My diet has evolved over the years as I noticed what agreed with me and what didn’t. Unfortunately, my collagen powder and the nuts and seeds are high in arginine which seems to make me worse almost immediately, which is why I space out my lysine because it seems to block that effect.

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Now I need to research arginine. I do splurge on almonds, roasted and salted and the addition of salt is certainly not helpful.
My diet is heavy on meats, fresh water fish, poultry, eggs and occasion ocean fish and yes vegetables. I find I do well on high protein foods and the fats in meats, olive oil and butter don't bother me. I avoid all processed meats like corned beef, ham, bacon and luncheon meats.
I am one of the few who never understood most everyone's love of chocolate, so at least that is one food I never had to give up.
Because of metal allergies I try to avoid large ocean fish,like Salmon, but still enjoy salmon at least every 3 weeks.
GD is supposedly tied into mercury. A few months ago a member of this site sent in an article- Mercury, Grover's Disease and Parkinson's which purports that 90% of all Parkinson's victim have GD. Both has similar cellular structural changes. It does say with Parkinson's chelation therapy removing the mercury can lesson Parkinson's symptoms. Mercury is supposedly also detoxed with cilantro. Ironically my younger brother now 66 just got diagnosed with Parkinson's and both sisters have eczema and on of them also has GD. MY brother with Parkinson's doesn't have GD.