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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Perfect! I was about to summarize for newbie but you beat me to it. :)Using cilantro daily for two months. Hasn’t helped me, but still using. Regarding collagen, I have been taking now for a couple of months. Hasn’t changed my GD but my facial skin looks better. Anything that strengthens the skin matrix is helpful on some level for any AD. I’ve been taking collagen with peptides that Costco sells, but I read that hydrolyzed collagen more easily absorbed, so may switch. Taking lysine 3 grams/day in 3 doses. This has an almost immediate effect of suppressing GD rash and itching. Starting histidine today, also been found to help integrity of skin and reduce symptoms of eczema (which I don’t have.) Also taking hyaluronic acid (HA) – avoid low molecular weight HA as it increases inflammation. It should also strengthen skin. Oh, and I started witch hazel. Don’t know if it’s helping me. I use Arnica if itching not too bad and Bengay (any cream with camphor and menthol would work) if itching is bad. I’m doing everything that I’ve read about here that has a possibility of working, but avoiding steroids.

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babbs- Appreciate your info about the collagen, even if it doesn't help with GD good to know about facial skin health!
Have you gone processed sugar free and limit natural fruit and gluten like I have? This helped with another form of eczema and I truly believe it has lowered my histamine level overall helping with GD.
I do take one dose of the 3 gram lysine daily , may up it to what you are doing.
Like you avoid steroids, but with GD found they never helped anyway.