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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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You are following a sensible diet plan. Your eating plan now is basically the maintenance plan I follow. I also had no external physical yeast symptoms when I began but was desperate to help lower my inflammation.
Heat, sweat and friction are said to be triggers but for me my relapses would come about anytime of year and last for 5-6 months, often during the winter months. As a classic GD case my first outbreak was the most severe and lasted one entire year. I can only believe it is the cilantro that helped me. I thought I was getting my 6 month breakout after having 6 months off last March and the cilantro stalled it and then in several months with mild symptoms it was gone. My 5 Day Extended Patch test was negative for metals, but a $600.00 blood test not covered by my Medicare revealed allergies to 6 metals, so perhaps the cilantro working as a metal detox cleaned out the residual metals.
I did get the adult shingles vaccine mid Dec. Huge mistake, I thought I was getting a severe GD attack because although the rash was more plaque like than my typical individual papuales it was in the same area. I saw my derm who told me the shingles vaccine I got 3 days before this rash appeared was 100% connected to this outbreak which was probably shingles. It only lasted about 6 weeks and was advised to not get second shot of this 2 part vaccine. I am an active gardener, Master Gardener and am compelled to be outside daily. I have had to adjust my day long gardening fun in the summer and get inside by noon or earlier. If symptomatic with GD once I got hot and start to sweat the rashed area stings and burns and I am sure aggravates it.
If you believe your allergies are environmental (most of us have environmental allergies) see an allergist and at the very least get the 30 minute, immediate result environmental allergy test. Most of us have allergies to pollen, grasses, yes I have those and after testing learned why my uncovered wrists would rash up after gardening near cedar or juniper.
Our bodies change over time- although I have always had environmental allergies I never had the severe contact allergies until middle age; I now have allergies to rubber, adhesives, blended fibers, fragrance, cortisone, cinnamon and a host of other contacts. Once you identify your allergies you can control your environment.

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I really appreciate the time you are giving in response to my replies. Its the most encouragement and treatments I heard since I was diagnosed. Thank you. I will consider seeing a allergist once this corona virus is under control here in California. As for as the cilantro goes does it have to be in a smoothie? I’ve been just adding fresh to salads or whatever I’m eating. I want to try Lysine. Seems not much in the side effects and seems safe. Since I’ve been so sensitive to everything I’m a little reluctant are you aware of any adverse reactions? Also try not to be in the heat like you said about gardening(I don’t even garden anymore 😩) GD has changed my way of life. Along with my love of gardening also enjoyed the outdoors in our pool and boat. I do less of it all now. Have you heard of success with GD using uv protection clothing? I used to get high anxiety when one erupted out of no where. Now yes I do get discouraged but try not to let it affect me unless it’s one of those crazy itchy ones then it’s more challenging. Recently also trying the witch hazel. I also wanted to mention that since its been spring like conditions here even just the sunlight is triggering the bumps. Makes me want to just stay inside but know that’s not healthy physically or mentally.

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