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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Diet- last act of desperation worked for me helped me.
Your symptoms are not like my GD symptoms, yet your internal issues I understand. I have 3 forms of eczema, GD only one. Like you was miserable from internal tingling, tazer like zapping but also burning. I did not have odor to my sweat or no appetite. Because I do have contact allergies I was tested and knew what to avoid. Still the internal symptoms which were worse at night denied me sleep. Lack of sleep is a form of torture and I was loosing my mind. I could control internal symptoms with a Kenalog-40 corticosteroid shot, but symptoms would return and continual use of shot has serious side effects.
I no longer have these internal symptoms- seriously. Gone now for over 2 years. Diet was the key. I gave up processed, natural sugar and all carbs for a 3 month detox. I now allow limited natural sugar, as in fruit and safe gluten free carbs.
Order the William Crook, MD, The Yeast Connection Handbook. It's a simple and uncomplicated diet plan to kill off the yeast living inside your skin cells. Available on Amazon. It will explain how yeast raises your internal inflammation. I had no yeast symptoms like vaginal discharge. This diet detox is brutal and takes will power. I made up a jingle when I passed a candy bowl or others ate dessert or even a piece of fruit, "When will you learn, it is going to make you burn". I have never been overweight and never thought I had a sweet tooth, but ate at least 2 pieces of fruit daily, but when you do a sugar detox you will be amazed at how powerful the need to eat sugar is. During the detox stage when the yeast is dying your mouth will flood with saliva just thinking of a bite of a cookie or seeing a piece of fruit.

If you are miserable enough, desperate for a solution which no doctor could help with and reach the point you are ready to kill yourself like I was you will find the will power. It took 6 weeks to begin to notice improvement which makes it hard to stay motivated, but you have the rest of your life to live and now I have no memory of my previous misery. I will never ever go off this diets maintenance plan, it is for life! Trust me once you totally detox and go on maintenance for 6 months your craving for sugar will naturally disappear. You will have killed off the residual yeast residing in your colon and it is no longer sending messages to your brain to be fed sugar.

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With this dry shin from the inside out has any one been advised to take L-histodine and another amino acid? Also, does anyone use a humidifier to help!

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