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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Biopsies a good way to start. I only had one which was negative, doc said it is based on the if the GD is active. I still had rash at the time going on almost a year, but no new bumps for a few months. Didn't bother with another biopsy as I clearly have the disease. If anyone it unsure the cilantro smoothie is a must try and also I believe the Witch Hazel is a cheap way to control the bacteria.

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First time replying on here. Finding this site very helpful. Have not had biopsy for GD. Dermatologist said no need she sees it all the time. The bumps look feel and are triggered by all that has been said and done on this site. I’m on my second year of this 😩 got some relief during the winter months in California where I live but as soon as signs of spring started so did the bumps. I have no known allergies besides seasonal but thinking of starting one of these elimination diets. I’m a little confused not sure I’m reading correctly. Is GD a form of eczema? I do have a mild case of Sebboheic Dermatitis on my scalp. I do get itchy all over my body and don’t always get a bump. Dermatologists have not been able to help with that. I would say the Derms know very little about GD and have found most info on my own. Does anyone get the bumps when working out even when keeping it low impact and not sweating? I feel like I can’t win. Ice packs help with the real itchy ones. Used lotions and topical but no prescriptions yet. Haven’t been advised. Maybe I need to find a better Derm? I first got this horrible condition last year at my age of 49. Never had food or skin allergies. Was wanting to get a biopsy bc I get a few on my arms and legs and didn’t think that was a characteristic but on this site finding that it is.

After 2 months of the smoothies with no response, I stopped. However, after rereading two of your posts, I am going back to taking them as it really may take many months before they become effective. I mentioned above that two rounds of oral steroids did help, but the itching is back, although, not to the degree it was before. With respect to the smoothies I put a lot of fruit in them as well as apple cider vinegar and turmeric. Even if the cilantro doesn't work they're really healthy. Thanks for all your incredible insight and hopefulness.

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