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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Hi all. I'm a 47 year old female and was diagnosed with GD about 15 years ago. It's never gone away but does get worse and better at times. Since neither my diagnosis nor its longevity seem to jive with everything I've read about GD, a dermatologist did another biopsy last year and once again it came back positive for GD. I just finished a round of Whole 30 and did not notice a difference. I typically limit dairy and gluten in my diet anyway. It's only ever been on my upper abdomen and can be very painful at its worst. I've tried different dermatologists, used cortisteroids and whatever other creams have been prescribed over the years, use products for sensitive skin and eliminated fabric softener. Very frustrating. One thing I've noticed lately is that my skin is very itchy on my arms and legs (not where my bumps/GD is located). I'm at my wit's end with this–just curious if I'm the only one out there who's had this experience. I've been reading a lot of great information on this site so thanks everyone for sharing.

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tonya- keep in mind many of us collect types of eczema as we age. I began with one form, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, ACD and now have three. GD was the 2nd type in my eczema collection. Make sure your doctors keep an open mind and not simply lump all your skin symptoms as being related to GD because different types often have different triggers and treatments. If I were you I would ask about the symptoms on your arms and legs being caused by ACD. Fibers, detergents, preservatives and hundreds of everyday contacts can trigger itching on the body and may not even be represented with rash. The Five Day Extended Patch Test can diagnose ACD, a common form of eczema. Google this test.

I have the same thing, itchy skin where I have no bumps. My dermatologist kept saying that she thought something else was going on with me. Finally, I showed her an area on my thighs that turns bright red and burns like fire when I scratch. She diagnosed me with dermographia. She put me on a low dose of doxepin ( 3mg. twice day) and a low dose of non-drowsy Allegra (60 mg.) I am feeling much better after taking it for a few weeks. It is the first relief I have had in two years. Your issue may not be the same but I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hi Tonya1018, I get the bad itching too on my arms and neck when I sweat after working out or after swimming in salt water. I don't know why. Showering right away helps the itch. I just started Eucerin skin calming body wash and that is helping my GD along with eating cilantro daily. If you find out what causes the itch on your arms, please post.

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