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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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I just read your posts. Again I am pretty sure that it was the shingles vaccine that gave me the GD. The only other thing that I can think of is that I work out quite a bit and I used to get a rash from sweating right around my solar plexus. I could usually eliminate it with a skin lubricant. Strangely, at this point, despite my working out 4 times a week, it seems to be a non issue at that location. I have started the cilantro smoothies, and they seem to be doing a little bit of good. I might try two a day. I find that for me the two worst times are just after I get up in the am and sometime later in the evening. Motrin is an effective itch stopper for me. I am reluctant to take too much of it as I know it has some negative side effects. At one point I was taking 6 a day, and despite my Dr. saying it was well below the recommended maximum, I try to take two at most. I buy the otc, which is 200 mg. Last night a woman I work with mentioned her Dr. prescribed her the 600 mg. for headaches. I never knew there was one and am wondering as to its effectiveness. Of course I could try 3 200's. Who knows !!!! I have seen a bunch of topicals that I never heard of on other people's posts. If I do try any of them and I find them effective I will let you know. I guess the only positive thing I can come up with is, there is a lot of stuff out there that is much worse than gd. Other than it being a major pain in the neck, it doesn't inhibit me in any other way. I wish us both the best. Have a happy holiday.

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If you are interested as to why you itch more in the evening Google it. It explains about histamine levels being higher in the evening. Lots of dangers in taking too much ibuprofen aka, Motrin the name brand. You need to Google high doses and continual doses and see if the risks are worth it. It does raise blood pressure so I can't take it. It never helped me with itching but is miraculous in relieving arthritis pain, but not worth the raised BP risks, so I avoid it. 800 is the prescription strength Motrin, my mother-in-law used to get that px. Yes taking 4 of the 200's is the prescription level.
The external skin of the solar plexus is very near where many, especially women get a rash under their breasts. My sister also has GD and only gets a rash in this area. She was biopsied and was positive for GD in that area. For her, lucky her, the rash is minor and doesn't expand outside of that area and the itching is only mild and zero pain.

I asked my dermatologist yesterday about the shingles vaccine triggering GD. His answer was, "Yes it can initiate of activate GD". After you mentioned getting GD after a shingles vaccine I thought and figured out that my latest break out happened 3 days after I got my first Shinglix, the adult shingles, vaccine. Since this rash was limited to my back torso, an area not as common for Shingles and also the rash was not at the injection site I hadn't made that correlation. I also mentioned that my outbreak was rapid and severe, I even had plaques of grouped papuales about 1 1/2 inch clustering on my back within 2 weeks. Very itching. These plaques were not typical of my previous GD outbreaks. My dermatologist is Johathan Bellew, D.O. who is a physician for the Mohave Skin and Cancer Center of excellence in Arizona.