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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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nodgabnoj- OMG- Guess what I just thought of. My last post mentioned no change in diet or products or heat or sweat to bring on GD recurrence. I had a shingles vaccine before I got GD in my late 50's without an issue and decided to get the new senior SHINGLES vaccine about 2 weeks ago. Now after being in remission for 14 months since using cilantro my GD is back. You gave a warning call about the senior Shingles vaccine coinciding with your GD. I ignored that based on my past history. What have I done to myself? All I can think of is to drink 2 smoothies daily, yet traveling for a week, such a challenge. I had planned to go off the smoothie like Frogger as I had been clear. I am staying with family and do have access to grocery stores and full kitchen so not difficult to manage that.

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I just read your posts. Again I am pretty sure that it was the shingles vaccine that gave me the GD. The only other thing that I can think of is that I work out quite a bit and I used to get a rash from sweating right around my solar plexus. I could usually eliminate it with a skin lubricant. Strangely, at this point, despite my working out 4 times a week, it seems to be a non issue at that location. I have started the cilantro smoothies, and they seem to be doing a little bit of good. I might try two a day. I find that for me the two worst times are just after I get up in the am and sometime later in the evening. Motrin is an effective itch stopper for me. I am reluctant to take too much of it as I know it has some negative side effects. At one point I was taking 6 a day, and despite my Dr. saying it was well below the recommended maximum, I try to take two at most. I buy the otc, which is 200 mg. Last night a woman I work with mentioned her Dr. prescribed her the 600 mg. for headaches. I never knew there was one and am wondering as to its effectiveness. Of course I could try 3 200's. Who knows !!!! I have seen a bunch of topicals that I never heard of on other people's posts. If I do try any of them and I find them effective I will let you know. I guess the only positive thing I can come up with is, there is a lot of stuff out there that is much worse than gd. Other than it being a major pain in the neck, it doesn't inhibit me in any other way. I wish us both the best. Have a happy holiday.

Sorry to hear about your GD returning after 14 months! Thank you for the heads up on the senior shingles vaccine. I had shingles once only at age 19.