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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Just out of curiosity, how many smoothies do you drink in a day ? In your opinion, does it make any difference if you drink it all at once, or spread it out over an hour. I mix the cilantro with juice, a lot of fruit, yogurt and honey. It actually doesn't taste too bad at all. I haven't tried freezing it as I have access to fresh when ever I need it. I think the cilantro has lessened the itching a bit, just waiting for it to make it disappear. Ha !! Again thanks.

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One glass in the morning. That’s it.

In answer to your question I just drank one daily, yet read on the earthclinic GD site that one man who was going on a 6 year initial outbreak drank 6 bunches of cilantro daily- first treatment that ever put him in remission. Perhaps I need to drink 2 a day now.
I do not want to discourage you about trying cilantro. Until about a week ago it had been effective for me. I noticed symptoms beginning on my lower back but didn't want to discuss on this site until I was certain. Yep, the GD is starting up again.No way to ignore the bumps and now beginning scabs on my lower and now upper back. Last night after my shower I made the mistake of rubbing a very itchy papuale on my upper back and that inflamed the area, turning it red and oh my the intense itching kicked in in that spot, used my Flanax which helped to allow for sleep.
I had a 14 months break on cilantro. True the first 6 months of my break was my normal remission pattern, then when symptoms returned I began the cilantro smoothies to have it clear up the new break out scabs within a few months and after starting the cilantro had no new bumps or scabs appear and it never itched. Then had 8 months symptom free so that's my 14 months of freedom. Unlike Frogger I kept up with daily smoothies, even when in remission since starting the in late March 19. I am still taking them now, perhaps this will keep my breakout at a minimum.
I had been pleased I would be traveling over the holidays without symptoms and now must face what I will be coping with,
It seems to me and I have heard others mention this with eczema that diet or meds may work for a while but then stop working, as you know eczema is chronic meaning no cure. I can't think of any changes in my diet, true I am now wintering in an area with low humidity, but have done so for decades. It's also cool and although active outdoors have not been sweating. No change in clothing, grooming or cleaning products.
Please keep up the smoothies, you do have hope it will work for you and I so appreciate the long break it gave me. Like you I am also hoping it lessens the severity. I do know after having GD for about 5 years now each subsequent outbreak, after my initial 1 year of total agony, has been less severe in physical and internal symptoms.
A positive attitude always helps and I am staying positive that this outbreak will be minimal. Yet I know I have at least 100 little bumps and few scabbed already after just a week. Not a good sign.