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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Medication doesn't kill it all out. Although lower in number some still survive in our intestines. Traditional md's find it easy to prescribe meds, of course you can follow a diet to kill the yeast and take the meds too to speed it up. Yeast is fed on sugar and carbs, especially gluten carbs and also fungus foods like mushrooms or peanuts (they grown underground and most shells have mold inside which attaches to the peanuts) and no yeast products. It takes a minimum of 2 months for enough to die to lower the yeast waste which passes though membranes and into our bloodstream raising our histamine levels causing inflammation according to Dr. Crook a pioneer in believing diet can eliminate chronic yeast issues. Newer research shows a detox of a minimum of 3 months. Some herbal anti yeast supplements or fresh can speed up the detox, like oregano and others. Oregano grows grows wild in my herb bed, but the supplemental pills work also. During the detox the yeast will be screaming for sugar, sending messages to your brain demanding sugar. That's why you crave it. It is starving and wants sugar to stay alive. You can eat a big meal of protein and veggies and still feel hungry for sugar. Believe me this will go away but it takes about 6 months to not care about sugar. During the detox my mouth would fill with saliva just thinking of something sweet. It took more self control than I ever imagined and I never thought of myself as a sugar junkie and have never been overweight.
After the detox many foods can be reintroduced; safe carbs like rice and others. Still zero processed sugar for life as yeast can resurface quickly. Read the book I recommended it's elementary, inexpensive and still in print with a helpful update at the end of the book.
After following this plan I no longer require my Kenalog-40 corticosteroid shot to control my inner burning and stinging.
Everyone wants a magic pill, I used them on and off for decades only to have recurring issues. Why not stop the cause instead of treating the symptoms? Remember to also always avoid your tested allergens for life which will always raise your histamines too.

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Thanks for you advice i will give it a go ,in regards to the cilantro treatment ,the advice is half a bunch ,where i live the bunches vary wildly from supermarket to markets, can you give me an idea of the weight in grams or ounces thanks and regards pat