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Grover's Disease

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I read from bloggers on the EarthClinic site you mentioned and also surfed the net for info about cilantro helping diseases. I read this from a number of bloggers. It is used to treat a dozen aliments and skin is listed, although not specific to eczema. I went deep into a variety of postings and many mentioned that the capsules were not as effective. Still I ordered some because keeping up with the fresh is a challenge. Yet I have only used the fresh for about 2 weeks now.

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I have probably read the same blogs as you. I buy 4-5 bunches of cilantro at a time. My bunches at the local market are smaller at about a cup or two each. I immediately freeze them and about 2 cups worth of cilantro go into my smoothies every day. Once I'm out I just repeat. This way they never go bad! Plus they crush up easy once frozen. I also heard too much A and D can be bad which is why I only take one cap a day. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH of a good thing. 😉

I took my time posting because I wanted to be sure it was working. I have used the cilantro supplements for 3 weeks now. Originally I put triamcinolone on the Grover's per Dermatologist's instructions. After a few days my cilantro arrived and I started that. I have held it at bay. I forgot the cilantro for a few days and a few bumps appeared and itched. I restarted cilantro and they disappeared. I was also told to keep it hydrated and I use Vanicream cream, bought at Walgreens. Prior to appt. with derm and diagnosis I was miserable for almost 2 months. He diagnosed it within 2 seconds. I am lucky to only have it on the front, chest and midriff with just an occasional one lower. I also followed the advice of many on this site. I ordered men's large cotton t-shirts from the online cotton store. I had to wear them inside out because the seams were irritating me. I wore them to sleep in. During the day I only wrote cotton against my skin. In addition, I just completed day 30 of the Whole 30 Plan and have never felt better. No sugar, dairy, soy, grains, additives, and so forth. You can google it. I am going to stay on this eating plan for quite a while yet because of how healthy I feel. I was told I would miss bread the most but I got over it. I feel as if I am always on a caffeine high and I do not use caffeine in any form. I lost 10 pounds so far but any main goal was health. Someone stated you can do this eating plan if you are suffering enough and I definitely was. I am grateful to all who post and give suggestions.

My previous of 30 years retired last year. His practice shutdown. But a new doctor working out of the same location. I made an appointment a month ago and saw him the first time today. I was surprised. He actually heard about cillantro. I told him I heard about it om Mayo-Connect. He will connect himself. This might be the beginning of something new.
PS: got a blender a chopped up 1/2 a bunch with water a frozen blue berries. Could not taste the blue berries, but I found that if I pinched my nose while drinking it, it went down quick and I only notice when I let my nose work.