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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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I was diagnosed with Grover's disease back in October 2018. It started as a small patch on the back of my head and neck but then spread down to about 80% of my body by January. I was MISERABLE! I tried many different topical steroids and creams. I read through all the posts here and tried about everything suggested. I went Gluten and sulfate free too. None of which helped calm the terrible itch. The only thing that gave me temporary relief was Sarna lotion which I purchased at the drug store. Oral steroids would also stop the itch but as soon as I came off of them the rash and itching came right back. I also felt terrible side effects while on the Prednisone but for me it was better than the itching. I began researching other remedies and believe it or not I think I stumbled upon a cure! I read on a couple other forums that eating 1 bunch of cilantro a day had cured several people suffering with Grover's. So I decided to try it. I thought "what do I have to lose"? I was super skeptical, and I HATE cilantro. But I was also desperate. Within a couple weeks the rash was noticeably improved and within a month it is completely gone! I can't imagine how something so simple could do the trick and I am baffled that no doctor seems to know about this cure. I would ask that anyone suffering give it a try. It only costs about $1 a bunch and again, it couldn't hurt to give it a try. Hopefully you will all have success like myself and the many others.

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Thank you very much for the info about cilantro and did hear from another that it helped but ignored it because my GD was dormant so no need to force myself to eat it. My Grover's had been dormant since July and is now starting up again. I started using a saved tube of Elidel, an immune suppressant last week as a treatment for the first time (I had used it on Perioral Eczema with success). The bumps are stalling and the itch is much less. Steroids never helped me at all. Sadly Sarna never helped me with itching.
I do think my diet changes, no sugar and limited carbs and zero gluten helped slow down my current outbreak, plus so far dramatically less misery.
I definitely will try the cilantro as I am motivate now but how in the world did you manage to eat it. I think a handful of grass would be easier to eat. I like a bit of cilantro in Mexican food and can't image eating a bunch a day!!!!

@kimass1 I shall shop for cilantro. Will keep all posted. Thanks for the info.

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