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Sleep disorders

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Insomnia is one of those things that can be a symptom or a root cause. In any case its implications can be far reaching with impact in multiple domains.

Cardiovascular disease
Exacerbation or even cause of psychiatric disease
At any rate it should be root caused and treated, the first step being seeing a sleep neurologist as Dawn and Colleen have stated. A good first step is to review how much exercise you are getting. If its low, increase it, assuming that you don’t have any risk factors making it a bad idea.

Good luck.

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I had a sleep study yrs ago Narcolepsy was ruled out, I was already taking Modafinil 200 mg daily, I’m not sure if the doctor gave me that diagnosis so that I could continue to take the Modafinil.
I was working days as an RN at a hospital and would fall asleep at in opportune times. I feel that the med saved my career.
I’m 76 and still taking it, if I miss a dose I am falling asleep by by 11am feeling totally exhausted. When I get up in the morning after 5-6 hours sleep, I make a cup of tea, sit in my lounge chair and check my email. After about 10 minutes I start dozing off, many times I have my tea in my hand, the next thing I know, I’ve fallen asleep and spilled my tea all over myself.
I am going for another sleep study in January, how do they make the diagnosis of EDS.
Also, what is the difference between a sleep specialist and a sleep neurologist, I have a regular neurologist.