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Parkinson's and Speech/Swallowing Problems

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Hi All:

I recently saw this article dealing with speech problems and the healing role that singing can play in recovering speech. While this article is directed towards those who have lost their voice because of a stroke, there is also a benefit of singing for Parkinson's patients. Has anyone had any experience with singing to improve speech?

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And I thought I was the first person to discover this. Yes, it is true. Many years ago I sang in choirs, barbershop quartet and the like.  It occurred to me recently that using different pathways might get my voice working again and it does help. I find that

I just can’t talk some days, but if I sing awhile first, especially at volume, it seems to loosen something and helps regular speech awhile. It also improves enunciation and slows me down.


@ggopher Hello and thanks for your reply regarding the benefits of singing if you have PD.

Here is a link to a website about Joyful Noise Chorus. It is a choral group especially for those with neurological disabilities, http://joyfulnoisechorus.org/.

I think you will all enjoy their work.


sounds like a great idea.  I hope to try this with my husband when he comes out of the hospital.

Hello @sandycerem

I'm sorry to hear that your husband is in the hospital. Is he being treated for the swelling in the legs that you mentioned in an earlier post?

I hope he is doing better now.


Singing, especially in a chorus, is life enhancing for all. But there's some visual discord in this Joyful Noise Youtube. The chorus members with neurological disabilities are inappropriately singled out, I think, by their bright green tee-shirts. A standard white-shirt chorus look would have enhanced the harmony of the event without magnifying the neurological side of some of the singers identities.

@anna1060 Hello, I see this is your first post at Mayo Connect. Welcome. You make an interesting observation regarding the chorus. Do you have Parkinson's? If so, we would enjoy getting to know you. Please share something about yourself.


Yes. I was diagnosed in October after a DaT scan. I'm being treated with Azilect (rasagaline) and visit this discussion group and another hoping to compare my response to the drug with other people's.

Hi, @anna1060 -- just wanted to touch base with you and see how things are going with your Parkinson's and also with the rasagiline (Azilect) you mentioned you were taking?