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Tender throat

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I have TMJ too. Didn’t make the connection. Hope you’re improving.

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Replies to "I have TMJ too. Didn’t make the connection. Hope you’re improving."

@ celia16
Sounds like you might be correct in ‘strained muscle’. It sometimes takes awhile for them to recover.

When my TMJ acts up first sign is ‘usually’ a nagging headache. I then make sure my jaws are in place .. the lovely pop tells me I might have it there. Then my jaws ache for a few days. Lately it has been swelling and difficulty swallowing. I will be 73 years old soon. My aging body … symptoms for common things like a bladder infections are weird. With this injury to my jaws my gums have become inflamed. They are better now. I have a good doctor and a good dentist. I see my doctor again in July and if not better he will order MRI .. forgot to mention that I had neck problems for many years that nothing to be done for and this shoving my jaw into my pillow flared it up. My doctor will order a MRI to make sure my neck and jaws are okay. I think I will be good by then. God gives me many opportunities to practice patience. 😁