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Kidney recipient

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Hi there. I'm new to this group and I just received a kidney transplant 9 days ago! My concern is weight loss. Since being discharged, I've lost about 8 pounds. I'm urinating a lot (after not urinating for close to 3 years) and, I have a call in to my case manager but she hasn't gotten back to me as of yet. Any thoughts? Concerns??

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@mikechevy51, I wish you a Good Morning and a Good New Life! Congratulations on your kidney transplant.

I am thrilled to hear this great news. I am a liver/kidney transplant recipient, going on 9 wonderful years. I want to welcome you to Mayo Connect. We have many amazing conversations and miracles happening here (including you) . I invite you to browse the discussion, and to join in anywhere with comments or questions.

After my transplant, I was pretty much skin-and-bones. It was especially evident due to the release of excess fluids that my organ failure had caused me to collect. It took me months to get back to a normal weight. I know that you are probably pushing lots of liquids since your transplant and that is great. So after years of restrictive diet, and now the liquids, and the new meds, My nonmedical thought is that if you are feeling well, and getting the necessary nutritional needs you are on the right path. But don't depend on my opinion: You did the absolutely right thing to call your case manager:-)

I want to invite some members who are very much involved in the World of Kidney Transplantation. I think they would want to meet you, and they might have some experiences of their own to share with you.
@ca426, @peterm53, @doogiie02, @ktaubman, @amberann, @gabinator, @hkvanhouten, @mauraacro, @skittles25 Do you have any thoughts to share with our new member and new kidney recipient, @mikechevy51,

mikechevy51, Would you send us an update?