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Kidney recipient

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Hi coastalgirl, I,too, am years (7) past transplant and doing well!! You, me, and all other recipients deserve a pat on the back, for taking care of ourselves and honoring the new life gift we have received.
How long ago was your transplant? And did you have a deceased donor or a living donor? I would love to hear from you about your continuing journey.

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Hi Rosemary. My transplant was June 1, 2010. I was fortunate enough to have a live donor and never be on dialysis. I made it down to 6% kidney function at time of transplant and was still not on dialysis. I remained diligent in nutrition and trying to stay as healthy as possible and all the while working a full time job and owning my own business.
Much needed drastic lifestyle changes post-transplant required me to sell my business and just last year retire early from my career which I loved but hopefully I will find some balance and some peace in this new journey.
Continuing to push past my body's ability reactivated my childhood asthma and i have developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue but I am now learning to listen to my body and find joy in the things that truly matter most in life. Working through these issues in a holistic approach is teaching me so many things about our amazing body that I have developed such a love for learning more and sharing to help others.
I have a desire to help others find their way through the transplant process and live a more productive life, if that is what they choose, so have signed up to be a mentor. Found other transplant friends locally and we started a support group. That has been such a blessing.
Please share what you will about your journey. Thank you for your support!!

Hello coastalgirl, my new transplant friend! As transplant recipients, I feel that we share a powerful bond thru living a miracle and our persistent journey in learning and taking care of ourselves.
I received my transplant in April, 2009. I received both a liver and a kidney from a deceased donor. I lived with a liver disease for around 8 years before it progressed to cirrhosis and need for a liver transplant. I was listed in Nov. 2008; and had to be removed in mid Jan. 2009 due to possible cancer in bile ducts. My team locally was unable to make a diagnosis and they arranged for me to be seen at Mayo. While waiting for my appointment with specialists at Mayo, MN, I suffered acute renal failure. ICU and dialysis for a week, then airlifted to Mayo. I was able to be re-evaluated and was placed on transplant list in Mar 2009. This time for both liver and kidney. I had to continue dialysis up until my transplant. And was blessed by my transplant in April. I have always been healthy and have taken good care of myself, so my health returned immediately. It did take me a while to regain my strength and endurance levels.
I completely agree with you about the need to listen and be aware of what our body is telling us!
I think that it is great that you have started a local support group for transplant friends. From reading your posts, I can tell that you promote a very positive outlook.

Hi Rosemary!!

I am 13 years post kidney transplant. I was blessed to have a live donor that graciously gave me one of their kidneys.

And you are absolutely correct. Lots of accolades to all transplant recipients who are embracing this gift of life and living life to its fullest💛🌻💛
And you?