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EGD and colonoscopy for Barrett's esophagus

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I get my Colonoscopy and EGD on 4-16-24
I had both of these done last October but due to me not being cleaned out I now get it again. They also will check to see if my peptic ulcers are gone now that I'm back on a PPI. I get to drink a Gallon of Miralax on Sunday and a half gallon of Peg 3350 on Monday afternoon. That should work for the clean out. I drink 1/2 the gallon at 5pm, take 2 ducolax at 7pm, drink the other half gallon on Tuesday morning 4 hours before my procedure. I'm hoping the ulcers are gone. Anyone else dealing with ulcers?

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Oh sorry you are going to have to go through all that prep again !! I just had both ( my 3 rd -4 th ) in 10 years. Last ones Mar 1 st .
They keep finding the same 7 issues .
I’ve tried everything, I mean everything.
I have Gastritis, Esophagitis, GERD , Small Hiatal Hernia, Diverticulosis, IBS- D , Small benign polyps on stomach lining . Shataki Ring on bottom of esophagus.
I just had a first terrible bout of Diverticulitis. So painful ! I’m still going through it but fever broke after 1 st day .
Keep us posted on your results ok ?

The preps for colonoscopy is certainly a labor of “ love” to complete. I get colonoscopy every 3 years. I also get endoscopies as I have a history of Cameron Ulcers from sliding hiatal hernia. It took about 6 weeks for my stomach ulcers to heal. I developed iron deficiency anemia from my bleeding Cameron ulcers.
Hope all goes well for your procedure!

@riflemanz64, I moved your update to the discussion you started in here:
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You had great news last time that the scope no longer showed evidence of Barrett’s syndrome. I'm hopeful that with the proton pump inhibitor the peptic ulcers are gone, too.