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12 mm Spiculated Nodule upper right lobe

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Thank you, you eased my mind. Yes it is going to be a Vats surgery. What has concerned me are some comments I've read how some have seemed to have had such trouble with prolonged nerved pain after their surgery. I'm assuming that is pain in the chest/rib area. Is this so even with Vats surgery that you know of?
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I’m only a week out from surgery, so I’m not sure if it gets worse. So far so good, feeling a little
nerve tweaking here and there but I guess that’s what to expected. No big deal yet. They did give me a nerve block before the surgery. Gabapentin is supposed to help with that too. That medication wasn’t for me though. I didn’t like it and only had it twice during my hospital stay.

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Hello Joaniepnw,
Having a nerve block for your VAT lung surgery is the way to go in my opinion……..it numbs the pain on the side they will do the surgery on. Make sure to ask your surgeon about it. Your recovery from the surgery should go smooth…..just a couple of days in the hospital.

Good luck!