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Received 2 heart transplants at Mayo Clinic

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Rosemary, Thank you , and yes i am doing great. I was very sad at first. I was no longer the body God created. I have since realized that I am the body he saved. Both of my heart donors sole purpose in life was to save my life. We will never meet on earth. Maybe one day in Heaven.

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I have (somewhere) a prayer/poem that I will share with you.
I can relate to the emotions thing. It has taken me some time to sort out all of what I went thru. Got to go for now.

Dear Friends,<br><br>Our young son had a heart transplant two years ago. Sadly he had Giant Cell Myocarditis ... A rare, aggressive disease that destroyed his own heart. The transplant has gone very well except the disease came back in his wonderful donors heart! <br>I had been living on the edge of life since! The anxiety was practically unbearable, except for Gods strength! There is some confusion as to how best treat now as there is no evidence base to advise the way forward. <br>Suffice to say his condition is being managed,,,the last treatment being a chemo drug for chronic leukaemia! Thank God it has worked and he has been well since. I was living with soo much uncertainty I couldn't function.<br>My fear was ' could he survive another transplant if he needed/ could have one? <br>You have both answered my question. Especially Michael, bless you. God is good...his wonders to perform...We only know and experience so little here but when the Kingdom comes there will be know more tears or suffering.<br>Meanwhile we simply need to know we are loved and perfect love casts out all fear!<br>Take care, dear friends and once again thank you for sharing a part of your journey with me. Safe uncertainty and Trust in God is getting me through alongside my two new friends!<br><br>Much love<br>Linda<br><br>

Would love to hear it.

Michael, I have sent the Life Restored Poem to you via private email message.
I do not want to infringe on any copyrights. And I do not know the source to mention in credit. So I'm sending you a personal copy for your personal reflection.
Please let me know if you receive it.

I found the author.
The poem is from a book written by Joseph Kralicek in 2007. It is called "The Courage of One: The Inspirational Poetry of a Transplant Recipient"
I am still deeply moved by this message. My donor is always in my heart.

Yes I did get it. That was amazing. Thank you.