5 keys to living a longer healthier lifestyle

Sep 11, 2020 | coltenbuxman | @coltenbuxman

According to Harvard health publishing medical school we spend $9,400 per capita in the United States. We also have the highest spending for healthcare while having the lowest life expectancy compared to all other developed nations (Monique Tello, 2020). Therefore that's why its important to read this article by Harvard Health to potentially be living life to your fullest healthy potential. The healthier our communities are the less we spend on healthcare. If you can take these 5 helpful tips that are listed within the link you will improve your quality of life by ten folds. I know I want to grow old and healthy so I can see my kids graduate, get married, and have their own kids. To be able to see my grandkids graduate college, and guide them through life. To be able to be there the day human kind steps on mars. I wish my mother took advantage of tips like this so maybe she could still be alive on earth today to see me graduate and much more. I wish my dad was motivated to get on track with a healthier lifestyle so he just has the possibility to see some of those achievements I might make for myself in the future. Do it for yourself, your family, and your community! I know that's a goal majority of people can agree on.  I believe this article will give you a sense of relief and some fantastic stepping stones to achieving a healthier lifestyle. I hope everyone gets a chance to take these tips into consideration. These 5 crucial tips can make an impact on quality of life for the better, and reduce our healthcare spending per capita! Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Continue to empower yourselves to take control of your life and motivate yourself and others for a healthier lifestyle.

Check out these significant 5 tips by Harvard Health Publishing Medical School:



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