The Convenience of Transplant Hospitality Houses

Feb 27, 2020 | Olivia White | @oliviawhite

When selecting a transplant center, one thing to consider is the housing option for patients on the waiting list, recovering from transplant and their caregivers. Transplant Hospitality Houses offer unique options nearby each Mayo Clinic location. Our three main hospital locations in Arizona, Minnesota, and Florida, offer housing for patients receiving long-term care in the area, mostly for transplant and cancer patients and their loved ones. These houses are not only more cost effective than a hotel, but they offer the cleanliness needed for transplant patients both pre and post care. You can read about the other benefits in this blog post. We are grateful to our transplant hospitality houses for providing our patients with a safe, friendly, and close care as a “home away from home”.

The Gift of Life Transplant House Rochester, MN: Celebrating 35 years of providing high-quality, affordable accommodations to transplant patients and their caregivers. This house has grown to be the largest in the nation, with 84 guest rooms.Transplant House Blog 02272020

The Village at Mayo Clinic Phoenix, AZ: A place known for hospitality, compassion and friendliness it has been providing care to over 4,500 patients and caregivers at Mayo Clinic Arizona since 1999 when they first opened at the Brusally Ranch. After growth and expansions, The Village at Mayo Clinic was created with a total of three ‘casitas’, they offer 18 rooms.

The Gabriel House of Care Jacksonville, FL: Created as a tribute of an organ donor, The Gabriel House of Care is filled with compelling stories of courage, determination and human spirit. A community of healing located in Jacksonville since 2011, this house offers 29 rooms.

Have you stayed in one of these fantastic facilities? Tell us about your favorite thing in being a part of these communities.


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