Meet Rosemary: Transplant Recipient and Mentor

Mar 9, 2017 | Mayo Clinic Transplant Staff | @mayoclinictransplantstaff | Comments (2)

If you’ve been following Mayo Clinic Connect for a while, you probably already know about the dynamic and active conversations that take place in our discussion groups. If you haven’t visited them before, we encourage you to!

The transplant discussion group is a welcoming online community where transplant patients, caregivers and donors share their experiences, find support and exchange information with others. With new members joining weekly, and the help of a group “mentor” named Rosemary, the group has flourished.image-1fec90cde87d

Following her treatment at Mayo Clinic for a liver/kidney transplant, Rosemary (you can find her @rosemarya) found a community of support from fellow transplant patients at home. After discovering Connect, Rosemary joined to build a new community online. For her, becoming a mentor to the transplant group was a natural fit. Here’s what she has to say about her inspiration to participate and experience so far:

When I was approached about becoming a mentor, it was natural to say yes. I see this as a ministry -- as a way to support and uplift others who are similar to myself.

The most rewarding thing for me about my decision to become a Connect mentor has to be the ability to touch others. I clearly remember that whenever I had a procedure at Mayo, there was a nurse who came to my bedside. She would always call me by name; she would introduce herself; she would ask me if I had any questions. And then, she would hold my hand and tell me that she would be with me.

I always felt a gentle little squeeze to my hand as the anesthesia took effect. And, then, she was with me when I woke up. This was comforting and reassuring to me each time it happened. So I have to say that the most rewarding part of being a mentor, is that I can extend my hand and send a gentle virtual squeeze to someone hundreds of miles away. I like that.


In reading many of the ongoing discussions on Connect, I am touched by the
stories that people share. I have come to realize that there are many people who are struggling with many issues. And there are so very many people who don’t have anyone to support them.

Rosemary, thank you for extending a hand to our Connect members looking for answers and help. Our community wouldn’t be the same without you in it!


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@mayoclinictransplantstaff She also gives virtual hugs even those times when I'm trying or should I affectionatly say annoying.


@rosemarya Rosemary, Your sweet spirit permeates every post and virtual hug! Thank you for being so committed to the "ministry of Connect." You are a great encourager to people facing transplants. We are so fortunate to have you in our ranks! Teresa

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