Transplant Infographics

Dec 10, 2019 | Barbara Broten Marketing Segment Manager | @brotenbarbara | Comments (2)

Even before the Mayo Clinic Connect transplant blog started in October of 2016 we have been working to educate and empower transplant patients through various efforts. With many information avenues existing when looking for information on transplantation. Searching online can produce many web sites about transplant, living donation and healthy living, but we caution readers to make sure their information comes from a trusted and reliable source.


At Mayo Clinic we have a web page, a discussion group, and online toolkits. These are just a few of the resources that are available to the public. Web pages are a great resource, but when it comes to finding quick and shareable information, one of the best resources might be our infographics. Our goal through developing these infographics is to communicate complex information quickly and clearly.

Over the past few years, we have produced many short, graphical pages to provide the public with easy-to-read information on a variety of transplant topics. Here is a short list of the most recent transplant infographics:

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What other topics would you like to see in an infographic? We’d love to hear your ideas!


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@brotenbarbara Thank you for this. As the caregiver for my husband, who underwent a kidney transplant just over three years ago, I was not prepared for the aftermath. How about an open and honest article about the role of family and caregivers?


You make a good point @gingerw. As the primary caregiver, it would really help to understand what to expect. Coincidentally, our Patient Education department just released this video to help answer some questions.

We have added a blog post dedicated to caregivers to our content calendar for early 2020. In the past, we have created blog posts out of discussions from the Transplants group. I think future transplant caregivers would benefit a great deal if they got tips and advice from caregivers like you who have been there. Would you be willing to start a discussion in the Transplants group to get an open and honest discussion with fellow caregivers started?

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