Palliative care vs hospice care: What's the difference?

Jan 21 1:51pm | Joey Keillor | @joeykeillor | Comments (1)



The discussion on palliative care in the Aging Well group has been robust and is on-going. But the role of palliative care — as compared to hospice care — is often misunderstood.

While specialty palliative care and hospice care — a type of palliative care for people with terminal illness — are distinct, they both provide interdisciplinary teams of professionals to envelop you in medical, emotional and spiritual support. Their collective expertise can improve your quality of life and ease physical symptoms and distress.

Some people don’t experience the full benefits of palliative or hospice care, sometimes due to misunderstandings about what these services offer or because referral to these services is delayed or not offered.

Use the Venn diagram below to better understand the similarities and differences of palliative care and hospice care:


Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 1


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