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Dec 11, 2018 | Tony Hart | @TonyHart87

Woman creating a presentation

Your health care experience makes you an expert. There’s so much others can learn from your personal story. The following advice can help you build your health story as a presentation.

Getting started

Ask yourself what is the big idea that you want the audience to take away from your presentation. Writing a one-sentence summary of this big idea helps develop what you really want to say. Below are a few examples that can help you find your big idea:

  • Knowing I’m not alone gave me confidence.
  • I’ve been there, and there is hope.
  • We’re misunderstood, but we can hold each other up.
  • Sharing our health care experiences gives us strength.
  • You have to be your own medical advocate.

Developing your presentation

While discovering what your big idea is, identify three main points that build on it. This will be what you want your audience to take away from your talk. Expand on these while you build out the presentation. Consider these questions while creating your presentation content:

  • How much are you willing to share?
  • What is most meaningful for your audience?
  • Why does it matter to them?
  • Does this make them care about the presentation?

Enhancing your presentation

Once you’ve developed the main content for your presentation, think about if there are ways to enhance it. Focus on these components to deepen your presentation:

  • How does your story flow?
  • Do you have photos that can enrich your story?
  • Are there statistics that lend themselves to your experience?
  • Is there any new research or treatment happening in that area?

As a Champion, you have a powerful story to tell, and you can make an impact in your community.

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