How to handle questions beyond your experience

Jan 7, 2019 | Tony Hart | @TonyHart87 | Comments (1)

Speaking candidly about your health care experience is powerful. It helps others understand from someone who has been in their shoes. At times, you may get questions about Mayo Clinic that are beyond your personal experience, but you don’t need to know everything. There are several quick ways to direct people to more information if they are seeking care at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Concierge Services

Mayo Concierge Services is a resource that provides travel, lodging and tourism information. Representatives also help patients navigate the Mayo Clinic experience and set up a Patient Online Services account. You can reach Mayo Concierge Services via email or the Patient and Visitor Guide page. The latter option features a new webchat tool.

You can access the concierge live webchat during normal business hours on the Patient and Visitor Guide page. The chat window is in the lower right corner of the page and will only appear when an agent is available:

Displaying the Webchat on the Patient and Visitor Guide website

Mayo Clinic website and Mayo Clinic App

The Mayo Clinic website and the Mayo Clinic App are great resources for those looking for more information. Both are comprehensive resources for symptoms, diseases and conditions, treatment options, and more information on Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic App is available for Android and Apple devices, and it's available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Talking about Mayo Clinic

One of the best resources others have to learn about Mayo Clinic is you. It can be helpful for you to have some points to highlight when you only have a few minutes to talk. Review some of the top reasons why Mayo Clinic is chosen for care. There are many great reasons, but it’s important to speak to the ones that resonate with your experience.

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I absolutely love the Mayo Clinic App for the daily "Today" health and fitness posts!

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