Gratitude for Our Session in Florida

Sep 6, 2022 | Dr. Melanie Chandler, HABIT FL Director | @drmelaniechandler | Comments (1)

We just finished up a HABIT session in Florida, and I'm feeling thankful to my staff and all our participants for the experience!  While we covered a lot of tough topics, this group was always up for a laugh and some fun as well.  I appreciate all of the positive comments these participants gave about the staff.  I feel proud to have a team to work with who is so dedicated to what they do!

While the current group of folks is fresh on my mind, I carry the fond memories of my prior participants.  I love hearing how people are doing, and I am honored when you share your joys and sorrows.

We talk about a lot in HABIT, including the importance of having a sense of purpose.  Thank you all for helping me feel that sense of purpose in my life!


With Gratitude - Melanie Chandler


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So happy for you!
Was this session virtual or did you meet in person?

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