An integrative approach to dementia care

May 23 8:00am | Dona Locke | @DrDonaLocke

Our primary focus in our HABIT program is working with patients diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). HABIT is a multidisciplinary integrated approach to non-pharmacological strategies for manging with MCI.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Alison Warren from George Washington University as a visitor to Mayo Clinic and the HABIT program. I learned of her similar work advocating for integrated, multidisciplinary care for those living with dementia. Because we know that, unfortunately, many of our patients living with MCI will progress to a diagnosis of dementia, I'm glad to see her work out there!

I want to share with you all here one of her review articles. From her introduction, "This narrative review aims to explore the efficacy and evidence-base of an integrative approach to dementia care in facilitating optimal cognition and quality of life outcomes. These approaches will be reviewed alongside person-centered care that is fundamental to integrative medicine, including exercise; music; art and creativity; nutrition; psychosocial engagement; memory training; and acupuncture."

I hope you'll take a look at her review. Just click here. Full disclosure: She does mention the HABIT program in her review!

Dr. Warren, thank you for sharing your work with us and those living with MCI!


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