Yes, I have HLHS but that isn't going to stop me from attending college

Jul 18, 2018 | Stephen Rowley | @sjrowley


In December of 2018, I will be graduating from High Point University in North Carolina with a degree in Communication with a focus in Gaming and Interactive Media Design. It’s an interesting degree, I’m aware. People may think that due to my experience in the medical field, that’s where I would go with my career. Nope. I can barely stand needles and that “too clean hospital smell” (anyone who has been in the hospital knows exactly what I’m talking about) to have a career in the medical field, so I chose something a bit different.


Yes, I have HLHS but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it stop what I decide what to do with my life. To demonstrate exactly what I mean, I think the easiest way is to show what my daily Thursday routine at school is like. Of course, I have to get up, which in itself is a major task. I mean, why do I have to get up when beds are so comfortable? Once I get up and get ready, I take my medication, sling my backpack onto my back and slip on my shoes. I head to my Game Design class and get there earlier than my classmates because I enjoy annoying my professor.


“Are you really looking at memes?”

“Shut up, Gabrielle.”


It’s a typical conversation that we have as the other students start to filter into the game lab, taking their seats and starting to talk as the professor takes attendance. Once finished, we are set to work on our current projects either working diligently or barely at all, there is no in between. We sit there for a while just working away, trying to get our project at least to a decent point for the day. The class goes on for almost two hours before we are able to take off and I head to grab some food in the cafeteria across campus. The food changes each day at least and it isn’t terrible, so I go to fetch a plate. I eat and work on homework before taking off to my next classes.


My English and History classes are over in the blink of an eye and for the rest of the day I complete school work and hang out with friends. I return to my room hours after dark, and change for work at 11 pm. I meet up with the other resident assistant; we walk the halls and take care of situations around the dorm. We write reports, pet dogs (Yep, we can have dogs in the dorm!) and talk to students. By the time I return to my room and get ready for bed, it’s already 1:30 am. I take my medicine, a habit that hasn’t ever hindered my life, and crawl into bed. I am no different than any other student that walks the campus.



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