Mayo Clinic President and CEO Named 2014 Person of the Year by Twin Cities Business

Dec 22, 2014 | Suzanne Ferguson | @suzannerferguson

Dr. John Noseworthy, President and CEO of Mayo Clinic, has been named the 2014 Person of the Year by Twin Cities Business publication inJohn-Noseworthy-WP honor of his dedication to transforming Mayo Clinic today and in the future. Dr. Noseworthy was brought on board as President and CEO in 2009 and since then, he has led the clinic through a period of rapid and visionary changes. In an ever evolving health care environment, Dr. Noseworthy sees the need for transformation and, in doing so, he has put Mayo Clinic on a trajectory for a strong and continued bright future.

Numerous projects have been implemented under Dr. Noseworthy’s leadership, including financing for Destination Medical Center, increasing patient access, and executing the use of telemedicine. One of Destination Medical Center’s goals is to provide Mayo Clinic patients with the same amenities others receive when staying at hospitals in big cities. In order to do so, Mayo Clinic has pledged $3.5 billion with the hopes of attracting $2 billion in private financing in addition to receiving around $585 million from the taxpayers of Minnesota. The goal to increase patient access to Mayo Clinic’s outstanding medical care is to grow the number of people we are able to serve from our current 63 million per year to 200 million in the next six years. By using telemedicine, doctors can meet with more patients along with providing consultations to other medical providers. Furthering patient safety, quality and increasing partnerships are just a few more of the newly implemented projects helping Mayo Clinic to stay on the cutting edge of health care while putting the needs of the patient first.

Congrats to Dr. Noseworthy and the entire Mayo Clinic. We're proud to call Mayo Clinic 'home'.   To read the entire story, visit Twin Cities Business.



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