World Cancer Day 2020

Feb 4, 2020 | Justin McClanahan, Moderator | @JustinMcClanahan


February 4th is an international day dedicated to raising awareness about cancer and cancer research. At Mayo Clinic, the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center defines new boundaries in possibility, focusing on patient-centered care, developing novel treatments, training future generations of cancer experts, and bringing cancer research to communities.

Mayo Clinic hematology experts in blood and bone marrow cancers work within the larger Cancer Center which promotes collaboration between cancer research institutions. Being a comprehensive cancer center gives Mayo Clinic patients access to the latest and best treatments around the country.

"One of the reasons I'm most proud to work at Mayo Clinic is our focus on the patient as the center of the treatment experience," says Gita Thanarajasingam, M.D.. "Not only do we care about the newest and most effective treatments, but the impact those treatments have on our patients as people."

Meet some of Mayo Clinic's hematologists and the work they are doing to change and improve blood cancer treatments:

Want to meet other's who are living with blood cancers? Check out the discussions in Mayo Clinic Connect's Blood Cancers & Disorders group.

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