Multiple Myeloma: Patients and caregivers support meeting

Oct 22, 2018 | Mayo Clinic Hematology Staff | @mayoclinichematologystaff | Comments (1)


Ilse Hein was diagnosed with multiple myeloma during a hospitalization for pneumonia in 1992 in her hometown of Barrington, Illinois. Encouraged by her local physicians, Ilse traveled to Rochester, Minnesota, and spent a week at Mayo Clinic.

After years of surveillance at Mayo Clinic, Ilse's team of physicians recommended she participate in a new drug trial. Fortunately, Ilse’s multiple myeloma improved as a result of the trial. It was at that time she decided it was time to help other multiple myeloma patients.

As a myeloma patient advocate, @ilse worked hard to start a new project called Multiple Myeloma Mayo Mentorship, a face-to-face patient program, in addition to Mayo Clinic Connect, she hopes will give incoming patients added support with someone who has been in the same spot. 

“My goal is to give patients and caregivers information, hope, courage, understanding, and to provide emotional support,” Ilse says.

Ilse's support group meets for the first time on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 and is open to anyone who has multiple myeloma or caregivers of those who have multiple myeloma. Additional details:

  • When: Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • Where: Mayo Clinic Rochester – Gonda building, 10th floor room 160.
  • Time: 5pm to 6pm CT

“Choose a knowledgeable cancer team and specialist you trust and connect with. I wholeheartedly recommend Mayo Clinic. You will need your family, friends and your cancer team to be on your side through your cancer journey. Seek support from others, and never ever give up,” Ilse says.

In addition to Ilse's support group, join Connect members discussing the diagnosis, treatment, and living with multiple myeloma:

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Congratulations to Ilse for making this Support Group happen. After having several opportunities to meet with Ilse when I travel from Pennsylvania for appointments at Mayo, I have come to call her a friend.

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