How patients can help their providers better understand side effects of cancer treatment

Apr 10, 2019 | Justin McClanahan, Moderator | @JustinMcClanahan

"Patients are their own best advocates," says Gita Thanarajasingam, M.D.. "They know what is, or isn't, tolerable for them and we are harnessing technology to collect information from patients directly."

Chemotherapy for lymphoma, and other cancers, can have many side-effects that affect each patient differently. Dr. Thanarajasingam's research focuses on how patients can work with their provider to help make treatments more tolerable for the patient. Patients can help report things such as:

  • What side-effects they are experiencing
  • Is that side-effect tolerable
  • When did the side-effect occur after treatment

Using this information, Mayo Clinic providers can create a better treatment plan or alter what therapies are used in order to make treatment more tolerable for the patient.

"One of the reasons I'm most proud to work at Mayo Clinic is our focus on the patient as the center of the treatment experience," says Dr. Thanarajasingam. "Not only do we care about the newest and most effective treatments, but the impact those treatments have on our patients as people."

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