Mayo Clinic Conference on Brain Health & Dementia Conference Videos

Dec 9, 2021 | Nick Rethemeier | @nrethemeier | Comments (2)

The Mayo Clinic Conference on Brain Health & Dementia was hosted virtually on Friday, October 29th in collaboration with AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association. Portions of the conference were recorded and are now available. The content will also available for viewing on the ADRC Website.


Opening Welcome


Alzheimer's - The Truth About Where We've Been: A Vision to do Better


Diverse & Underrepresented Populations: Addressing the Obstacles


Brain Health & Dementia - The Science, the Research, and the Hope


A Brighter Path Forward: The Community Answer




The Sights, the Sounds, and the Feels of Hope




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Thank you so much for posting these. I'm really looking forward to watching them and know I will learn a lot.


Thanks for the information. I certainly plan to watch the presentationsl.

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