Lewy Body Dementia Caregiver Resources

Nov 16, 2021 | Nick Rethemeier | @nrethemeier | Comments (1)

Earlier this month, Pat Snyder, caregiver and founder of the Wake Forest Dementia Caregiver Class and author of the book Treasures in the Darkness: Extending the Early Stage of Lewy Body Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease joined our Caring For Lewy Support Group. The theme of Pat's discussion was hope. She discussed how to incorporate hope into caregiving, and tips to find hope everyday.

Shortly after the support group, Pat released a video about finding hope, which is available below.

Pat created a YouTube playlist for caregivers and contains applicable tips and suggestions for caregivers at any stage of Lewy Body Dementia. It is accessible here.

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I loved Pat’s appearance on the podcast Lewy Body Roller Coaster, the episode on the right doctors and the right meds. It has helped me beyond words. I’ve listened to it multiple times and taken notes so I can fight harder as a caregiver against the doctors who dont know what they are doing. My father in law has been treated with Haldol for over a year in facilites and hospitals. It nearly killed him once, when I saw the symptoms again I demanded he go to the ER where. I faced the same issues. I finally got him to a GPU (closer to Boston) where they are getting him OFF of Haldol and he’s ON the exelon patch at my request! Obviously they agreed with me. Finally, these people seem to know what they are doing and they know that I know what Im talking about. Thank you for your work Pat!!

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