Planning for Surgery - What is your advice?

Mar 14, 2018 | Mayo Clinic Chest Surgery Team | @mayoclinicchestsurgeryteam | Comments (3)

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Chest surgery often results in an inpatient hospital stay. For that reason, we have created a couple of  tool-kits to serve as resources as you plan for your upcoming surgery (applies to many surgical types):

Questions also often come up about room accommodations and will you can have a private room?

Answer: If hospitalization is required, patients can choose between a semi-private room, a private room or a personal suite. Applications for a private room are handled at the time of admission. For more information (at the Rochester location) please call 507-255-7992.

But we want to hear from you!

What advice would you give to fellow patients about preparing for their chest surgery? What do we need to add to our toolkit that others may find valuable? What information do you wish you had (like semi-private and private room information)?

Please comment and share your wisdom

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I have had Ivor Lewis with gastric pull up in 2009. My question is: has anyone had a second one done? Was it worth it?


I have had Ivor Lewis with gastric pull up in 2009. My question is: has anyone had a second one done? Was it worth it?

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@hutchbrother, can you share a bit more? What situation are you facing now that may require a second procedure?


I have a chronic cough that takes my breath away every time I eat. I cough when I lay down and when I roll over in my sleep. I had esophageal cancer in 2009. I had recurrence in 2016 cured with chemo radiation. Then a right nephrectomy in 2019 for a separate cancer. Since having the first surgery I have many EGD’s and a cough that over time has been getting worse. My stomach never empties and with the smaller stomach and shortened esophagus the acid comes up. Drug therapy helps some but not enough on max doses. My oncologist referred me to Mayo. My wife and I visited Mayo at the beginning of November. I had a few appointments and then had a consult with a thoracic surgeon. After reviewing everything, the recommendation is a second surgery with resection of the stomach / esophagus. It would be the best chance to have a better quality of life.

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