Planning for Surgery - What is your advice?

Mar 14, 2018 | Mayo Clinic Chest Surgery Team | @mayoclinicchestsurgeryteam

Mayo Clinic

Chest surgery often results in an inpatient hospital stay. For that reason, we have created a couple of  tool-kits to serve as resources as you plan for your upcoming surgery (applies to many surgical types):

Questions also often come up about room accommodations and will you can have a private room?

Answer: If hospitalization is required, patients can choose between a semi-private room, a private room or a personal suite. Applications for a private room are handled at the time of admission. For more information (at the Rochester location) please call 507-255-7992.

But we want to hear from you!

What advice would you give to fellow patients about preparing for their chest surgery? What do we need to add to our toolkit that others may find valuable? What information do you wish you had (like semi-private and private room information)?

Please comment and share your wisdom

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