Giant inflatable lung breathes new life into cancer education efforts

Nov 1, 2017 | Mayo Clinic Chest Surgery Team | @mayoclinicchestsurgeryteam | Comments (1)

Mega Lung DisplayIf you are in the Rochester, Minnesota area this week (November 2, 2017 specifically) and have the time and ability to join us, please do.

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The good folks at Mayo Clinic's Stephen and Barbara Slaggie Family Cancer Education Center in Rochester already know all of this and more, of course. And on Thursday, Nov. 2, they're putting that knowledge to work at a free event to help us all better understand what we can do to keep ourselves from becoming the latest lung cancer statistic. They're going big with a giant inflatable lung. Well, a lung display. One that you can walk through to admire the "compound saccular thoracic organs that constitute the basic respiratory organs of an air-breathing vertebrate," as Merriam-Webster so eloquently describes them.

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A few members of the thoracic team were able to get to the giant lung. If you were there and took a picture please share!

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