The Center for Humanities in Medicine supports Mayo Clinic’s primary value, the needs of the patient come first, by integrating the arts and other expressions of human culture into the healing environment.

The Center engages interconnected communities of patients, families, staff, learners, and the public to promote the artful and compassionate delivery of healthcare. Humanities in Medicine activities are open to Mayo Clinic patients, staff, visitors and community members and are made possible by the generous donations of grateful benefactors.

Carillon Music from Mayo Clinic


Music for Mayo Carillon Music Series

The Music for Mayo Carillon Music Series, sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Dolores Jean Lavins Center for Humanities in Medicine, is an annual initiative that commissions one new composition for solo carillon each year. The work, when completed, is premiered at Mayo Clinic and then made available to carillonneurs around the world. The program seeks not only to expand the repertoire of quality modern compositions for the carillon, but to ensure they remain accessible to all members of the carillon community. Composers come from varied backgrounds across the world, making each piece unique and highlighting the diversity of patients, staff, and guests at Mayo Clinic. The scores for each Music for Mayo piece may be found below.

2019: "City of Lights" by Dr. Scott Allan Orr

2020: "Diptyque: Bells of Healing" by John Gouwens (includes a version for 3-octave carillon by the composer)

2021: "Old Style Variations on 'Kingsfold'" by Geert D'Hollander


2021 Composition Contest

The Lavins Center sponsored Mayo Clinic's first carillon composition contest, "The People’s Instrument: The Rochester Carillon”, in 2021. Composers were asked to consider the unique setting of the Rochester Carillon at Mayo Clinic and its use as a tool in the healing process. Winners were announced in July. Individual compositions can be downloaded below, while the complete booklet can be downloaded with this link.

First Prize: "Healing Hands" by Dr. Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra

Second Prize: "Reconciliation" by Charles Zettek, Jr.

Third Prize: "Shifa'" by Mariam Soni


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