Join us for the 2017 Rewoldt Lecture featuring Gerd Leonhard

Oct 25, 2017 | Austin Ferguson | @carillonghorn
Technology is clearly a principal driving force of societal change today. Tech/data companies and platforms are among the most powerful entities, worldwide, surpassing oil and gas companies in market caps and economic power. Data is the new oil, and artificial intelligence (thinking machines) is the new electricity. Exponential technological change is certain.
Much of this progress will be very positive...(tackling global waming, slowing down deadly diseases, creating energy abundance, etcx) but some of it may create vexing new challenges: technology is morally neutral until it is applied. What impact will this exponential technological change have on democracy and in particular, direct democracy, and what needs to be done to protect democratic processes as the world around us becomes increasingly automated, fragmented and machine-centric?
How will the ongoing struggle between technology and humanity pan out, 5-10 years from now, and how will humanity prevail in a hyper-connected and hyper-efficient world?
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