Managing the Cost of Cancer Care Resources

Feb 8 2:42pm | Angie Murad | @muradangie | Comments (2)

3-Week Series on Financial Toxicity and Cancer

Cancer is an expensive medical condition to treat and most patients will need ongoing follow-up care after the completion of treatment, often for years. Unfortunately, it is very common for patients to deal with financial stress along this entire journey. The term financial toxicity is used to describe the treatment-related financial strain experienced by patients with cancer, however we know the financial impact goes beyond active treatment. This series of presentations will address the many factors that can contribute to financial toxicity, identify strategies to manage debts, tips for reducing financial burden and outline financial resources that can help.

This 3 webinar series are on Wednesday from 11-12 pm CT. The recordings will be posted 3 days after the live webinar.

  • Managing the Cost of Cancer Care: Medical Insurance Issues, Wednesday, February 9th 
  • Managing the Cost of Cancer Care: Employment, Wednesday, February 16th
  • Managing the Cost of Cancer Care: Financial Health Planning, Wednesday, February 23rd 


Cost of Cancer Care Resources

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