Cancer and Spiritual Well-Being

Feb 10 3:00pm | Amy Kuth, Patient Educator | @amykuth

Spirituality is a dynamic process that can help you discover meaning and purpose in your life. A cancer diagnosis may change your spirituality. You may find it to be stronger and deeper from the challenges you have overcome. Or you may feel abandoned and struggle with the question “Why me?” Many people with cancer go through spiritual issues related to their diagnosis. During this journey, it is normal to experience a wide range of both negative and positive feelings. Spending some time nurturing your spiritual well-being can have a positive influence on the quality of your life and your ability to cope with your illness.

What is Spirituality?

Although people often use the word spirituality interchangeably with religion, the terms are not the same. Spirituality can mean vastly different things to people with different beliefs and faith traditions. For some, spirituality flows from religious experiences. For others, spirituality is connected to nature and feeling in tune with oneself and the universe. Still for others, spirituality is expressed through relationships, service, music, meditation, or art. Many people find meaning and purpose in their life through a combination of these things.

What You Can Do

  • Take time to think about your spirituality. Try to find a sense of peace within your own spiritual framework.
  • Talk with your spiritual or religious leader to help guide you through some of the questions raised by your illness.
  • If you are a Mayo Clinic patient, consider using the chaplain staff to help you with your spiritual questions.

Cancer and Spiritual Well-Being Webinar Series

As you navigate how to cope with your diagnosis, I invite you to explore spirituality by joining us for our Cancer and Spiritual Well-Being Webinar Series. In collaboration with the Stephen and Barbara Slaggie Family Cancer Education Center, these talks are led by Mayo Clinic Chaplains who will discuss ways to engage in spirituality while dealing with cancer. We will explore strategies for coping and reflect on what it means to experience grief, loss, resentment, forgiveness, hope, and healing.

These webinars are FREE and available to anyone. Register to join us LIVE or visit our Cancer Education Blog video library afterwards to view the recording.

How to Register:

  • Go to the Classes & Resources page on the Cancer Education Blog
  • Click on “Register for this webinar now”

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