Advancements in Kidney, AYA, HPV Head & Neck Cancer Treatments + AI Esophageal Cancer Prediction

Jun 5 1:01pm | Linde Sifuentes, Patient Educator | @sifuenteslinde

Learn about nonsurgical kidney cancer treatments, AYA cancer, HPV head and neck cancer, and using AI to predict esophageal cancer

The Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center Blog shares news, information and stories from Mayo Clinic’s cancer experts and patients. Stories featured recently on the blog include:

Dr. Anne Rajkumar discusses ablation procedures, including radiation therapy and systemic therapies for treating kidney cancer.

Melody Griffith, a medical social worker, shares how she helped start an adolescent and young adult cancer program at Mayo Clinic.

Researchers are studying a risk-prediction tool that could help healthcare professionals better assess which patients need screening.

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