What can you learn from a profile: yours or a fellow member’s?

Dec 16, 2019 | Colleen Young, Connect Director | @colleenyoung

Your Connect profile gives you and fellow members valuable information that helps create meaningful connections. All information you share in your profile is optional. Your profile also helps you see where you last posted and groups you are following.

A profile is divided into five main sections: 

    1. Picture, @username, biography, etc.: The top section includes vital info at a glance. You can upload an image, your real name (optional) and a brief biography about yourself. It’s a nice snapshot to let others know about you at a glance. It also includes the date you joined Connect.
    2. About me: Here you can choose to make visible location details, like your home state or province and your country. Soon you will be able to add more, such as your language preference and pronoun preference.
    3. Groups: This shows which groups you follow and where you like to connect with others. Following select groups tailors the information you’ll receive in your daily digest.
    4. Pages: These are blogs written by Mayo Clinic experts. Follow pages of interest to you. 
    5. Posts: This is a list in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) of all the posts you have made. 

2019.12.16 Profile Parts.Tips on Profiles Newsfeed Post

Q: Where do I find my profile?

A: Click your profile image in the top right and select My Profile. On a mobile device, click the menu (☰) symbol and select My Account, then My Profile.

2019.12.16 My Profile. Tips on Profiles Newsfeed Post

Q: How can I see the profile of another member?

A: Click on their @username. You can find a member's @username by the timestamp or in the brief summary to the left a member's post.

Q: How can I find my posts?

A: Go to your profile to see a history of your posts. 

Checking the groups you follow and your post history can help you find where you were last active since you logged on to Connect. Each post gives you useful information like when the post was made, the title of the discussion and which group it was posted in. Click VIEW & RESPOND to link directly to the post in the discussion thread. 

post summary

Q: What information can a profile provide about a fellow member?

A: Depends on how much the member feels comfortable sharing. Each member will share as much or as little as they want. 

  1. Photo: Members often upload an image as they feel comfortable in the community. It may be of themselves, a pet, or image that represents them.
  2. Date joined: This can tell you if they a recent member, a long-time member or if  they registered months ago and only made their first post recently, etc.
  3. Bio: This is the information that members want the community to know about them at a glance.
  4. Location: Some members may choose to make visible their state and/or country.
  5. Health Interests: Find out if you have similar health interests.
  6. Posts: See where the member is most active and learn what type of information they share and you can learn from. Or perhaps you’ll discover that they are someone in need of your knowledge and/or support.

How do you use your own profile? How does it help you when members have completed their profile? 

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