Webinar: Pediatric Epilepsy Treatment Options

Thu, Sep 25, 2014
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


Elaine Wirrell, M.D., discusses epilepsy in children and treatment options for epilepsy and seizures in children. Dr. Wirrell answered questions at the end of the presentation.



My 4 year old son was last week diagnosed with seizures. As of now all the seizure activity has been during the night. I am just wondering if there is a good way or video that we can show our 6 year old son to help explain this to him. My husband and I do not want him to see a seizure before we tell him anything.

My son has issues with the seizure medications causing behavioral issues. We have tried all medications able to treat absence seizures and they all cause these behavior issues. Are there other options to treat absence seizures besides medication that is proven to work? Thank you

Our son was diagnosed with epilepsy. His first witnessed seizure was 3 days before his 11th birthday which he went into status, he had one more status seizure episode in April which was 8 months later. He is allergic to many anti epileptic meds, and now takes Trokendi XR. He has had mostly partial seizures, or myoclonic seizures. Our neurologist is hopeful that it may be related to puberty. How likely is that, is there a way to determine this.

We will try to answer questions at the end of presentation .

What is the difference between focal and generalized seizures? Is one worse than the other?

if a new med is started and the plan is to slowly increase to the optimal ml dosage and the child is doing well at the lower dose does it have to be increased?

my almost 4yo son has SCN1A mutation with GEFMS+. He has been on Keppra since 14 months and we are pushing way past normal epilepsy max due to his Dravet diagnosis of Onfi to try to control seizures. We have not been successful. His seizures have started to last much longer eve with rescue medication. Could this be caused by high dose of Onfi? Any recommendations on next potential treatments since these 2 drugs aren’t working?

Could an EEG diagnosis of generalized seizure actually be focal seizures?

My daughter has had seizures since 18 months. Started on keppra then a year later stopped controlling seizures and started on trileptal in addition. Now we are starting on lamictal as well and plan to reduce the trileptal. If this doesn’t work what would you recommend as next step. She has focal seizures in her hand/arm or check so doesn’t seem candidate for diet or surgery.

Is a medication that my son is allergic too the same as an ineffective medication when considering intractable epilepsy?

ketogenic diet:
My grandson has intractable seizures. Has had two frontal lob resections, vegus nerve implant too. Now he is on the ketogenic diet. Mom is a nurse and measures eactly what he can eat. Since he has been on the diet for a month he has had more seizures. Is this normal. Trying to get this best help for him.

My daughter started having gran mal seizures at puberty and was diagnosed with catamenial seizures. Are these type of seizures treated the same as other seizures? Will she out grow these types.

Is LITT an effective treatment for children with IS due to cortical dysplasia and if so what are the perimeters and size of CD that would allow child to be a candidate?

How do I start a ketogenic diet? Do I schedule that with my doctor or dietician?

Temporàl lobe Focal siezures start within 20 min of falling asleep. Is this coincidence or something in sleep patern?

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