#AsktheMayoMom about Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

Thu, Dec 15, 2016
1:00pm to 1:30pm ET


Dr. Angela Mattke and Dr. Nick Wetjen, pediatric neurologist, discuss pediatric epilepsy surgery in #AsktheMayoMom about Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery. Learn more about:

  • Intractable epilepsy
  • Surgical treatment of epilepsy
  • Different categories of epilepsy surgery
  • Types of epilepsy where surgery is more usefully in controlling intractable seizures

Dr. Mattke and Dr. Wetjen answer questions posted before and during the event

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We’re hosting another #AskTheMayoMom about pediatric epilepsy on Dec 15 at 10am CT. During this video Q&A Dr. Angela Mattke and guest Dr. Nick Wetjen, pediatric neurologist, will talk about pediatric epilepsy. You can participate by asking questions; Click View & Reply to see the details.

You do not need a Facebook account to be able to watch the broadcast. You can watch it right here on this page on Connect.
Please post your questions before the event, so we can give them to Drs Mattke and Wetjen beforehand. You can also ask questions during the broadcast.


Hi @jruza,

A while ago, you had a question about your son who has SCN1A mutation with GEFMS+ and would someone with intractable epilepsy be a good candidate for surgery.

We brought your question to #AsktheMayoMom about Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery, a video discussion with Dr. Angela Mattke and Dr. Nick Wetjen from Mayo Clinic.

Here is their video response: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/webinar/askthemayomom-about-pediatric-epilepsy-surgery/

Jen, how is your son doing?

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