Webinar: Interstitial Lung Disease and Lung Transplant: What Patients Need to Know

Wed, Sep 30, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


In this webinar on interstitial lung disease, Cassie Kennedy, M.D., Transplant Pulmonologist, and Teng Moua, M.D., Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic Director, discuss interstitial lung disease symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options, including lung transplantation. Questions were answered following the presentation.



How do we ask questions prior to the webinar?


How do we ask questions prior to the webinar?

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Hello, Joni. You post them right here, just like you did with this one. 🙂

My symptoms started during a course of interferon/ribivirin I was receiving for Hep C. My Physicians say it was a coincidence, but since they have no other explanation for my NSIP, I’m skeptical. What do you think? Could the interferon have tripped up my immune system into attacking my lungs? Thanks, Cathy B.

I have NSIP and was diagnosed 3 yrs ago. What should i be looking for as for as progression?

I have NSIP and have severe joint pain. I am also weaning from prednisone. Could the joint pain be from the withdrawals are some type of auto immune disease that has not surfaced yet?

My 70 year old mother will be evaluated in a couple of weeks to determine in she is a lung transplant candidate. If she is, and if she gets a transplant, is she looking at anti-rejection medications for the rest of her life?

This might be an odd question, but if a patient gets a single lung transplant does the doc remove the other bad lung also?

If one has NSIP, is there any physical activities that should be avoided like singing or snorkeling?

I posted earlier of the severe joint pain. I failed to mention that I have been to a rheumatologist and all came back neg.

We’re now live. Press the play button to listen to Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Moua discuss ILD and lung transplantation.

Post your questions for Dr. Moua and Dr. Kennedy here. They will answer questions after their presentation.

Are you aware of any lung transplant centers in the U.S. that will asses someone older than 75?

It here is no volume. Is there a dial in for audio?

I took nitrofuranton (macrobid) many different times in my lifetime to treat a UTI. THe last two times I took it, I had a reaction and had hives. The last time I took it was in 2005. Could that be the reason for my fibrosis.


It here is no volume. Is there a dial in for audio?

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Karen, the volume is working for us. Maybe try your computer settings?

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