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Reply on Med detective needed, award given - adrenaline spikes

Hi @sierrawoods I just came across your post from 2018 about your experience of an adrenaline rush each night. I have been scouring the web for a few years trying to find a solution to exactly the same problem I just turned 54 but have been going [...]


Reply on Selfharm

@karen00- Good morning. I'm so glad that you are reaching out to members again even though you seem to be in horrible pain. AM I wrong in thinking that it is pain that is keeping you from being active? Panic Attacks are the worst! I recently wrote [...]


Reply on Neuropathy due to long untreated diabetes

Hi Gary (@gman007) - What I found out from my contact was his therapeutic dose was - about 500 mg (100 mg capsules spread through the day). He said he's now on 300 mg of CoQ10. He takes a 100 mg capsule morning, noon and evening. I'm [...]