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Mar 13, 2019


By Margaret Shepard, @Margaret_Marie


Spring break is just around the corner, and after those long, dark days, most people can’t wait to feel some sun on their skin. While some time in the sun might be good for your soul, it is bad for your body. In particular, it’s bad for your skin. Dr. Dawn Davis, a Mayo Clinic dermatologist, explains the importance of sunscreen to protect against sun damage.

Except for the Vitamin D part. That’s good.

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I am surprised at the amount of sunscreen that is recommended to give protection!
As a transplant recipient, sun protection is essential. I just shared this in a Connect Transplant Group discussion about tips on sun protection.


Thanks @rosemarya for sharing this, great info!
Based on the interview, I will need to dramatically increase the amount on sunscreen I use. I am so glad to know that the sun protective factor in UPF clothing goes on forever, I was worried it wore off.

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